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10 Cats Who Made History

Cats rule the internet. If you search online for funny pictures, they're largely of cats. Not babies or old men or, heaven forbid, dogs — but cats. Some of the most visited websites are dedicated to all aspects of the furry felines, too, and there are loads of individual celebrity kitties, such as Grumpy Cat. Perhaps this isn't too surprising. Cats are some of the most popular pets in the world, after all. And it was a cat who became one of the first media-driven animal celebrities. Morris the Cat strolled onto TV and into Americans' lives in 1969 as the finicky spokes-cat for 9Lives cat food. But cats have done far more than just appear in ads, "play" the piano or fall out of trees. Some of them have actually made history. Here are 10 stories of amazing deeds done by cats.

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