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10 Weird But True Facts About Cats

They say fact is stranger than fiction. Well, when it comes to cats, that's often true. Below are ten facts about cats you might not believe, but they are true! Hairballs We hate cleaning them up! But they do have a name. Did you know that the technical term for a hairball is a bezoar? It's true. The Popular Cat In North America, there are over 73 million cats kept as pets, compared to dogs, of which there are 63 million. This makes cats the most popular pet in America. The Cat Purr Cats purr at a frequency that has been proven to reduce blood pressure in humans, and induce relaxation. Having a cat sleep by your head can reduce stress. Cats are Popular 6. Cats, despite their aloof nature, are more similar to us than many realize. The region of the brain responsible for emotion is identical in both cats and humans, meaning cats feel just as we do. Happy Cat Cats purr not only when happy, but to ease tension. They learn this from their mother, who purrs as they nurse. Purring is a form of stimulating "happy hormones" and making a cat feel better. This is why cats will sometimes purr even when in pain. More facts via Examiner.com.

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