20 Things You Didn't Know About... Cats

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1. Your kitty’s ancestor was a solitary hunter of small prey, as opposed to dogs’ ancestors, which were large-game pack hunters. That’s why Rover tends to gulp down a big meal while Mittens prefers to eat several smaller meals throughout the day. 2. Cats will hunt even if they’re not hungry. The University of Georgia’s KittyCam project, which outfitted 60 free-roaming pet cats with video cameras, found that only 28 percent of the prey caught was consumed. Half of the kills were simply left in situ — the rest were brought home to lucky owners. 3. Evolved for low-light hunting, cats’ eyes are proportionally enormous. In Cat Sense, John Bradshaw explains that their eye size makes focusing between near and far so difficult that the muscles develop with an environmental bias. Outdoor cats tend to be farsighted, while most indoor cats are nearsighted. More via DiscoverMagazine.com.

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