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After 6,000 Exorcisms, Priest Says ‘The Devil Is Afraid of Me’

A Mexican priest who has performed more than 6,000 exorcisms in his 40-year career says that he does not fear the devil, because the devil is afraid of him. In a recent interview, exorcist Father Francisco López Sedano insisted that the devil exists and that he is not a mere personification of evil but an actual being. “Jesus often confronted Satan himself and spoke with him,” he said. “You do not talk with a thing, you talk to a person.” The priest, who normally treats three to five cases a day, says that he has personally spoken with the devil on many occasions. “Who are you to expel me?” Satan has challenged him. “And I answer: ‘I am nobody, but I come from Christ, your God and Lord and you leave right now, I command you in the name of Him to go away!” he said. Lopez Sedano said that Linda Blair’s portrayal of a possessed person in The Exorcist film is not so far from reality. “When the devil is present, anything can happen,” he asserts. One particularly memorable case was that of a boy in his late teens who “pushed five enormous, extremely heavy benches that not even 10 people could have moved. He had a tremendous strength,” he said. Possessed people “can climb walls, yes, and even fly,” he said.

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