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7 Memorable Moments from the Original ‘Twilight Zone’

CBS’s announcement that Get Out director and actor Jordan Peele will produce a new modern-day version of The Twilight Zone is reviving memories of the revered original series created by Rod Serling. The 1960s show was—and still is—the most critically acclaimed anthology series to ever air on television, producing a slew of unforgettable moments. Rod Serling was a star screenwriter from TV’s first “Golden Age” of the 1950s, who became an otherworldly presence on The Twilight Zone. Starting with the words “submitted for your approval,” the square-jawed Serling would suddenly appear on-screen in a trim suit and tie, and often smoking a cigarette, to invite viewers to join him in a place that had various descriptions but was always located “in The Twilight Zone.” His intro for a 1963 episode called “He’s Alive,” about an American neo-Nazi (played by Dennis Hopper) who idolizes Adolf Hitler, is a prime example of the Serling style.

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