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A Giant UFO Seen With Strange Looking Figures in the US Capitol

Strange light and figures at the windows of the building that houses the President and some of the most important people in America caught on camera. Is this the time aliens visited the U.S. Capitol? Interesting video seems to show a mysterious light above the building pulsating like a commonly reported UFO. Adding to the mystery are the strange figures seen on the video as the cameraman zooms in. The footage has sparked debate among netizens. One comment says that those figures were not teleported aliens, but people in odd lighting effects. One viewer notes the light emanating from the top of the building, followed by the strange lighting effect of the top windows. It seems that an advanced type of either communication technology or weapon is at work. The commenter says that it would be more interesting if specific day, time, camera type, direction and other specifics are given. via AreaZone 51 UFOS

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