Tue Jan 16 - Adam Ambrose - A Life of Contact Continues

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Adam Ambrose was born in 1962, in North Western New Jersey, and is one of six children. Adam is a trained actor, writer, artist, and composer. He has had over 50 years of encounters and has conscious recall of a number of these events. Adam is what abduction researchers refer to as an Extraordinary Experiencer. His earliest alien encounter memories started in childhood, and Adam suspects this runs in his family. His brother and sister are likely unaware abductees, who have experienced UFO sightings, as well as other inexplicable events that would indicate being taken. Adam states that he has had multiple immediate family members who have seen what they describe as strange creatures associated with his encounters, in and around their home. He is currently working on a book about his experiences, which he plans to release in 2018. Website: YouTube @AdamAmbroseUFO Exhibits: adam-1_a adam-4 adam-6_craft-rendition_f adam-7_i adam-8_g adam-9_j adam-10_h adam-11_k

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