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Addressing the Alien-Human "Hybrid" Issue

As the investigation of the alien abduction phenomenon has shown, more than a few alien abductees report being taken to rooms that are in stark contrast to the sterile and clean – and almost obsessively so – environments aboard UFOs. In these particular cases, abductees enter an environment in which what are known as “hybrid children” are given toys to play with. It’s as if a concerted attempt is being made to humanize the hybrids even more. Whether this is done from a positive perspective of inter-species cooperation and inter-breeding, or if it’s done to ensure that the hybrids can more successfully infiltrate human society in a sinister, hostile fashion, very much remains to be seen. It’s also very dependent on which side of the fence you stand. Possibly, you may well be of the opinion that the whole issue is complete and utter nonsense. Or, just the stuff of fiction. Despite the bizarre and controversial nature of such stories, there’s no doubt that such reports abound. Take, for example, the story of Jennifer, a life-long resident of New Jersey. In her mid-thirties, she has conscious recall of encounters with the so-called extraterrestrial “Greys” going back to her early childhood, as does her mother. Even her grandmother has vague recollections of encountering a group of “little men” in New Jersey woods, during the summer months, at some point in the 1940s; something which emphasizes the ongoing, multi-generational aspect of these events that so many people report. As well as her consciously recalled interactions with the Greys, Jennifer has been able to pull further recollections out of the depths of her mind and subconscious via hypnosis. One recollection, in particular, stands out, in terms of relevancy to the theme of this article. And in terms of it’s profound strangeness too.

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