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Dark Matter - Afrika Bambaataa

Title track from the Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light album.

Dark Matter, moving at the speed of light (x3)
Heading to paradise, ?? melanites

Verse 1:
Dark Matter, hearing the god rapper
You're now tuned in to the Zulu broadcaster
Reach the masses, teach the classes
Your third eye blind, you need some glasses
Proceed to graph it, the street is drastic
Speak, bring a peace to beats and scratches
Dropping this, and now that people know it's obvious
Knowledge this, it's the consciousness
Pop to this, y'all gon wop to this
The melanites, we got the hottest sh...
I keep it quiet y'all, so when I'm rhyming raw
Y'all can find a nirvana y'all
No matter what kind of mind I rhyme for y'all
How you're living in a system that's designed to fall
Time is hard, but we got the mind of God
So I can recite the light that can shine for y'all

Chorus (x4):
Dark Matter, it's time to shine
Time to shine a light

Bridge 1 (x2):
Time to shine a light (x2)
Just get yourself so funked up or get ready to fight

Verse 2:
Paradise, if you're breathing light
The melanites, we gon lead you right
So Dark Matter, moving at the speed of light
I teach alien beings how to read and write
And now that people want to get up and dance and just move
Take it back to the days of playing a rough groove
DJ's play on the ones and twos
Have you heard the galactic news
I spread the truth about Zulus
We ?? backed words that made you lose
I paid dues made dues pay true
Gotta shake what God creator he gave you
Take you up to a place so grateful
Dark Matter can make you so faithful
Don't be hateful or disgraceful
The melanites now just will break through


Bridge 2 (x2):
Sons of common? Ra, millenium gods
We come to protect your feeders? from Babylon

Dark Matter (x6)

Chorus x2

Bridge 1

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