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Airline CEO Says MH370 May Not Be Under Water

Tim Clark is the CEO of Emirates Airlines — one of the world's most successful, luxurious, respected, and fastest-growing airlines. He's also a recently-dubbed knight, who has a hunch that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 may not be in the Indian Ocean after all. It has been over seven months since the Boeing 777-200 with 227 people on board disappeared without a trace. After the Southern Hemisphere winter, the search of the sea floor resumed last Monday. But Clark suggests the search may be focused on the wrong area. The Malaysia government originally refused to release the cargo manifest for public record, but then released a manifest on May 1st. Malaysia Airlines has said on March 17th that the flight carried no dangerous cargo, but the newly-released manifest indicated the plane carried lithium ion batteries. Clark's airline, Emirates is the world's largest operator of Boeing 777s, and he has said, "I will continue to ask questions and make a nuisance of myself, even as others would like to bury it. I need to know how anybody could interdict our <777> systems." Lithium ion batteries are the known culprit for fires on board two Boeing 787s and three Tesla vehicles. In 2010, a UPS 747 was brought down by a fire caused by lithium batteries in the cargo hold. As far back as 2006, Sony replaced millions of Li-ion battery backs for laptop PCs after hundreds overheated and a few caught on fire. More via Jalopnik.

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