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Thu Nov 15 - Alec Newald - 10 Days of Lost Time: An Unusual Abduction

Experiencer Alec Newald recounts his abduction while driving from Rotorua to Auckland, New Zealand and describes the extraterrestrial civilization he was shown during the ten days he was "missing"! LINKS: coev.webs.com nexusmagazine.com/product/coevolution-an-interplanetary-adventure BIO: Alec Newald is an entrepreneur and has businesses in the automobile and yacht industry. He has a competitive nature, and loves sports that involve racing or speed mixed with technology. In 1989 he was abducted for 10 days by benevolent aliens and transported to their home planet. Alec authored his book to tell about his experience.
In the context of Alec's own experience this is an amazingly accurate image of an Alien Hybrid.

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