Mon Sep 16 (Hour 3) REPLAY of Wed May 8 - Alejandro Rojas - Unidentified: To the Stars

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Alejandro Rojas joins us to discuss changes and evolution of investigating anomalous sightings. Big changes seem in store for research and fact finding, we find out what this means for the world and the eventual reveal to the public. TWITTER: @alejandrotrojas Alejandro Rojas is a writer, podcaster, lecturer, and digital content creator focused on science, space, science fiction, and UFOs. He has a keen interest in the unexplained and is often featured in documentaries, television shows, and news interviews. Alejandro runs the UFO news website, and his articles can also be found in the Huffington Post, Den of Geek, and his personal blog. He is also a co-organizer of the annual International UFO Congress, which he hosts as the Master of Ceremonies.

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