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Thu July 5 - Alex Campbell - The Bible Belt Strangler

In our first hour, Alex will be discussing how he guided his students through the process of identifying a serial killer that may ultimately help solve the Bible Belt Strangler Case. BIO: Alex Campbell is a multi-time Teacher of the Year recipient who lives with his wife and children in Northeast Tennessee. He is well regarded as a creative and innovative teacher that emphasizes connections between people over standards and curriculum. In 2016, he published, "Ten Lessons That Will Get You Fired: But You Must Teach Immediately" about his journey with project-based education. In 2016, he guided his students to the XQ Super School Project Student Voice Award and has since been instrumental in his school’s implementation of these changes to become an XQ Super School. He also has spoken at educational conferences and symposiums, written print and online articles for several publications, and been a guest lecturer at colleges of education. Report: Elizabethton students profile 1980s 'Redhead Murders' suspect The Doe Network Elizabethton City Schools

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