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Algae Bloom Might Have Suffocated Tens of Thousands of Fish in Harbor

Tens of thousands of fish that washed up in a Southern California harbor died because of a lack of oxygen, state wildlife officials concluded Monday afternoon. Marine life experts told NBC4 it's possible that warm weather led to algae blooms, which limited the amount of oxygen available to the fish when they swarmed into Marina del Rey. The die-off began Saturday and created a powerful stench in the coastal community as a blanket of anchovies, angel sharks and rays coated the water. State wildlife officials said the die-offs are "not uncommon and can happen for a variety of reasons." An estimated 70,000 fish ended up in the seaside community about six miles north of Los Angeles International Airport. Crews using front-end loaders and about 300 trash bags holding about 45 pounds of apiece removed fish from the water. Other fish were scooped up by sea birds that flocked to the harbor for an easy meal. Red more via NBC Southern California.

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