Alice Cooper interview: On 'Paranormal'

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Alice Cooper didn’t mean to make another concept album. He and producer Bob Ezrin, who did his share to shape the classic Alice Cooper sound and vision in the early ’70s, were coming off a “Welcome to My Nightmare” sequel aptly titled “Welcome 2 My Nightmare.” As Cooper recalls, “I went into this record with Bob Ezrin going, ‘Let’s not do a concept album. We always do concepts. And we’re good at that. That’s what we do. But let’s just do 13 great rock songs, alright?' ” So they wrote 20 songs and proceeded to whittle that down to a workable number. That’s when Cooper noticed something funny. “I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I wrote a concept album,’ ” he says with a laugh. “I accidentally wrote a concept album. I write all the lyrics, right? And I said, ‘All these people have some kind of paranormal problem. They’re not spinning in a normal direction.’ Then I started thinking, ‘Well, what’s normal?’ I don’t know one normal person. I don’t care how much they might come off as being normal. There’s always one or two things about them that makes you go ‘What?’ But that’s what makes them interesting, those quirks.” That revelation is how Cooper came to call his latest album "Paranormal." It's due Friday, July 28. “Everybody puts the word ‘paranormal’ with ghost chasing and stuff like that,” Cooper says, “whereas the word actually means alongside of normal. And I go, ‘My whole career has been that.’ ” And then he laughs, as he does often in the course of conversation. He’s a funny guy, a quality some parents had a hard time seeing through the shock when Cooper and the bandmates he met here in Phoenix grabbed pop culture by the feather boa in the ‘70s. This despite such smile-inducing evidence as “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “School’s Out,” which famously rhymes “Well, we got no class / And we got no principles” with “And we got no innocence / We can't even think of a word that rhymes.”

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