Alien Abductions: The Frightening Future for Mankind

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Alien abduction is not simply an ordinary phenomenon to handle, especially when you are inside that strange picture. Professor David Jacobs is one of the experts who looks into these eerie cases for humanities’ sake. Abductees are being tagged as delusional psychopaths that tend many people rather shy away in discussing the matter. But Professor David Jacobs claims that the alien abduction is happening for real and it involves a much sinister truth and therefore it must be sincerely and intelligently dealt to be able to understand. Dr. David Michael Jacobs is a retired associate professor at Temple University in Pennsylvania. He has a considerably high profile in ufology and has specialized himself in the investigation and study of alien abductions. He has already authored four major publications, conducted lectures and taken part in radio and television shows concerning alien abductions, since 1975 up to present. Professor Jacobs has already investigated approximately 1100 abduction cases and interviewed over 150 witnesses of the fourth kind. Studying alien abductions is already a great part of his life, and his research has leaded him to come up with incredible, but shocking conclusion. Abductees have an unusual experience with the fourth kind, all with two to four hours of their time they could not recall. Experiences are only unlocked through hypnosis, and this procedure is where Dr. Jacobs gets his most startling findings. More about Dr. Jacobs via Latest UFO Sightings.

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