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'Alien signal' fast radio bursts are firing every second

  • Experts had never seen anything like fast radio bursts (FRBs) before 2001
  • Some speculate they may be signals sent from intelligent life in the universe
  • Harvard experts extrapolated data from one repeating FRB called 121102
  • If this is representative of all FRBs then they may be firing every moment
Scientists searching for fast radio bursts that some believe may be signals sent from aliens may be happening every second. What was once thought to be a rare phenomenon might be occurring each and every moment of the day, experts say. Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are radio emissions that appear temporarily and randomly, making them not only hard to find, but also hard to study. The mystery stems from the fact it is not known what could produce such a short and sharp burst. If the mysterious phenomena is indeed a sign of intelligent life in the universe, the latest findings could suggest it is far more widespread than previously thought. Read More: Daily Mail

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