Aliens ‘make contact’: ETs ‘HACK Nasa Voyager 2 probe 9 BILLION MILES AWAY’

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The space probe “Voyager 2”, which left Earth in 1977 and is the only NASA spacecraft to pass Uranus and Neptune, sent mission control bizarre messages in an unknown language 33 years after its send off, it has emerged. And conspiracy theorists have jumped on comments said to have been made by a NASA scientist in a series of videos that are doing the rounds online. Voyager 2 was around 15 billion km from Earth, when the message was sent back. Astonishing morse code on Mars 'could be a MESSAGE from ALIENS' According to Physics Astronomy, NASA expert Kevin Baines said: “At a distance of about 15 billion kms from Earth, the probe suddenly started sending data in a language which they could never understand. “Something or someone changed the communications system of the space probe Voyager 2.” Voyager 2 has also visited Jupiter and Saturn. Mr Baines reportedly said subsequent analysis found a component in a binary code system was changed from 0 to 1.

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