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Are Aliens Real? NASA Astronauts Share Their Experiences With Extraterrestrials

How often have we thought about the existence of life beyond Earth, and feared that if we ever encountered extraterrestrial beings, they might wreak all kinds of havoc on our planet, as shown in the movies. But the pertinent question still remains, do aliens exist? Some might think the only people who believe in aliens are "forum-dwelling internet conspiracy theorists," but several NASA astronauts believe extraterrestrials exist and have been in touch with humanity for a long period, reports said. Data cruncher and blogger Sam Monfort in his blog on Feb. 21 said the number of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) sightings is currently at an all-time high. He wrote that one of the first recorded UFO sightings was in Portland in 1905, where a "buzzing sphere-shaped UFO descended from the clouds." According to Monfort's report, there have been 104,947 reported sightings on record over the past 100-plus years. He used information from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), which collects and disseminates objective UFO data and keeps careful logs of all UFO sightings worldwide. Furthermore, there have been several astronauts such as Edgar Mitchell, Cady Coleman, Edwin Buzz Aldrin and Dr Brian O’Leary who have claimed to have seen UFOs. Aldrin, one of the first people to walk on the Moon, had shared his experience on board the Apollo 11, when he and fellow astronauts saw something flying alongside their spacecraft. Initially, they thought it was the final stage of a detached rocket, until mission control confirmed it was 6000 miles away from them.

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