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Alive Again: Truly Amazing Accounts of Reincarnation

One burning question that has long preoccupied humankind and sparked awe, wonder, and fear since the first flickers of consciousness stirred in our ancestors’ brains is that of what happens to us after our inevitable death. Although this is a universal concern among our kind, the form in which the answer to this question comes is as varied as the cultures and faiths that ponder it. What lies beyond the veil between life and death, and where does our passing take us, if anywhere? Among the numerous beliefs and ideologies dealing with this question is one that appears again and again across cultures and faiths, and this is the idea that we are reborn into new bodies, our souls recycled into new lives; reincarnation. Although the specifics of reincarnation vary across beliefs, one thing that typically remains the same is that the reborn do not clearly remember what or who they were before, yet this is not always the case. Throughout history some people have demonstrated an uncanny awareness of their past lives, displaying knowledge of details and places they could not possibly know of. What does any of this mean and does it show us that reincarnation could perhaps be real? Many of the most impressive and spectacular cases of supposed reincarnation come from children. Whether this is because they are closer to their previous life, more attuned or receptive to it, or because their minds have not yet been clouded by a lifetime of new memories or their old ones overwritten by a whole new life of memories, the fact is that children seem to provide a large number of some of the more rather striking cases. Take James Leininger, who at the tender age of just 2 woke his parents one evening screaming in the midst of a terrible nightmare, shouting “Airplane crash! Plane on fire! Little man can’t get out!” The parents did not know what to make of this odd incident, but things would get stranger still when in the coming days the toddler would begin to not only have the same nightmare over and over, but also display knowledge of World War II era aircraft that there was no way he could have known about. He would also begin to constantly play with toy planes, and although he could not read and did not watch TV programs on such things, nor did his parents have any interest in such things, he seemed to know the names of various wartime aircraft. He also knew other details about such planes. For instance, one day when he was playing with his toys his mother, Andrea, referred to a part of the plane’s bottom as a “bomb,” yet James told her that it was not a bomb, but rather a “drop tank.” When Andrea looked it up she found that her son had been right, and thought it to be bizarre that her 2-year-old toddler son should know such an obscure thing. He also knew extensively about aircraft weapon systems, and would even do imaginary pre-flight checks that seemed shockingly natural. Weirdly, James also began referring to himself as “Huston,” something which he had never done before.

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