Fri Nov 3 - Allison Jornlin - Mothman

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Allison Jornlin has been investigating hauntings and other strange phenomena for more than 20 years and is the recipient of the 2016 Wisconsin Researcher of the Year Award from the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference. Allison was inspired by Chicago’s Richard Crowe, who kickstarted U.S. ghost tourism in 1973, she developed Milwaukee’s first haunted history tour in 2008. Since then she has led numerous haunted history tours and presented talks on a variety of Fortean topics; poltergeists, UFOs, cryptids, and demonic possession. Allison is also involved in planning the Hawaii ParaCon, the first paranormal conference in Hawaii, coming up in Honolulu in July 2018. Currently Allison is investigating the 2017 Mothman sightings in Chicagoland.

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