Americans Keep Losing Their Drones

Posted by K R on

All across America, drones are crashing into trees and rooftops. The $500-plus dollar skytoys are frequently flying away from their owners, landing in lakes and marshes and urban neighborhoods, never to be found again. Lost drone posters line residential neighborhoods like the missing dog fliers of yore. Have you seen America's drones? "People complain about 'flyaways' on the forums all the time," one drone owner tells Valleywag. Flyaways happen when drones either lose contact with its remote or simply fly away inexplicably, with the failsafe, which is supposed to return the drone "home" in case of failure, also malfunctioning. Manufacturers say it's user error, drone-owners usually say it's a manufacturer defect. Others blame it on "noobs" not knowing how to fly the damn things. But no matter what the reason, drones frequently do their own piloting. via Gizmodo.

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