Mon Dec 31 - Amy Bruni - Kindred Spirits: Answers from the Spiritworld

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Amy Bruni stars with best friend and fellow investigator Adam Berry in the series, Kindred Spirits now entering it's third season on Travel Channel on January 24th, 2019. Tonight she shares personal stories behind the scenes of the hit series. TWITTER: @amybruni BIO: Amy Bruni, co-star and Executive Producer of TLC's hit paranormal series "Kindred Spirits", calls upon over 20 years of investigation experience to help people reclaim their homes and lives from the mysteries of the unknown. Prior to "Kindred Spirits", Amy was a star of SYFY's popular paranormal program, "Ghost Hunters". Joining the cast in 2008, Amy traveled the country exploring the most haunted locations in America while working as the team's historical researcher to give identity to the long forgotten spirits they encountered during their travels. Reference:

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