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Dr. Andrew Karam

10-09-2013 - On the program, Dr. Karam will discuss the Fukushima reactor accident and the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility. Reference: Just How Dangerous Are the Fukushima Leaks? Website: www.andrewkaram.com BIO: Andrew Karam has worked in radiation safety for over 30 years, starting with an 8-year stint in the Navy’s nuclear power program that included nearly four years on a nuclear attack submarine. Since then he has held a number of positions in various aspects of radiation safety, including stints as a professor, a consultant, and in environmental remediation; in the last several years his work has concentrated on matters related to radiological emergency response – most recently traveling to Japan in the aftermath of the Fukushima reactor accident. In addition to his work, Andrew has earned a doctorate in Environmental Science, he is the author of a number of books on various science-related topics (and nearly two dozen scientific and technical papers), and he has given over 100 scientific presentations on his research and his work.

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