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Angel Ghost

Chris says: The best Angel/ghost picture you will ever see!!

This picture was taken in 2011 when I had a 3 week awakening period, but to get to this experience we need to rewind a 3 months. Ok so after a long addiction to prescription pills after a serious car accident in 2006 I realized I had to stop the abuse because it had gotten outa control, so in 2011 after I hit rock bottom, I lost my job, lost my girlfriend of 12 years, basically the worst year of my life, I knew at this point it was quit or die.

I began my self detox alone with no help, no support, just ashamed and determined, the first week was agony I wish no one to go though, now from the start to the finish my cat would lay on my chest with is head at my nose and mouth when i was sleeping. In the middle of week 2 at 3am I awake to my cat clawing my chin so hard, I gasp for air like I hadn't breathed ever before. I feel that on that night he may have saved my life.

Now fast forward 3 months later. I have an outta this world experience, that last 3 weeks long, In the first week, I wake up at 3 am ever night and start writing things, it's piece by piece a little bit every night, at the end of the week I have a 7 page formula for the meanings of life, and in this week I also did 10 oil paintings.

Now in week 2 I start doing things according to the patterns in the formula. In the middle of this week I get this picture. On night it was taken I was drawing in my scetch book, when I feel a presence that over comes me, I feel it there for hours and hours, I can't see it but know it's around. After a few hours I take 7 pictures of my pencil drawings on my iPhone. Now the rest of the week goes on.

Week 3 is the wildest, scariest, week I have ever had in my life, there is way to much to tell but the summary is this , in this week I feel a battle for good and evil in my head, I start loosing my grip on reality, this evil presence starts tormenting me and I freak out steal a car to escape some thing that makes my car die, I run up to the hospital doors and take a van to go back home. On the last night in week 3 I have a visitation.

The experience stops at that point. The next day the police come put me in jail, when I finally find this picture, the day I was released from jail and I finally checked my phone, the picture was there in the middle of the seven pictures in week 2 .

That's my ghost picture story but far from the whole thing, there's just too much I had to leave out.

Thanks Art Bell I love your shows over the years.


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