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Another UFO Cover-Up

Although Colonel John Alexander assured that the U.S. government was not engaging in disinformation concerning UFOs back in February 2012, others have a different point of view. It seems that other former military personnel accuse the government that there is indeed suppression of information about extraterrestrial visitors and their intentions here on this planet. Just last week on the 17th of September, Gordon Duff exposed what he believed to be an attack on humans in the Pacific by underwater UFOs not of this Earth (an invasion scenario suggested by the recent release of Battleship (2012)). Could it be that there is a clandestine operative group disengaging in disinformation about what is occurring in the Middle East and between China and Japan? Is there a threat to humanity by an unknown force? Could this explain the massive gathering of warships by all countries in the greatest campaign ever in the history of humanity? Many will take sides and probably ridicule these notions; however perhaps some light can be shed on the present situation. Former USAF Colonel Charles Halt revealed his belief that the U.S government was in fact lying about a secret agency specifically developed to handle E.T. affairs at the Las Vegas National Atomic Testing Museum. In front of a small audience of 200 people, Halt specifically stated “I’m firmly convinced there’s an agency, and there is an effort to suppress.” At the conference, these former military personnel were part of Project Bluebook in the 1950s-60s and part of a new panel of speakers of the program Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed. Halt has been witness to many UFO sightings when he was stationed at RAF Bentwaters military base in England during the 1980s. His belief concerning these events concerning the UFO activity identified was either from another world or another dimension (extradimensional). Halt was in agreement with those that pushed for E.T. disclosure as Steven Bassett and Dr. Steven Greer have done numerous times in the past. Concerning the reality of how secret agencies operated with sensitive information about UFOs, Halt offered the following: Read More... Robert JR Graham.

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