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Are Extraterrestrials Inter-dimensional beings?

UFO’s and alien abductions should be interpreted and studied in a quantum manner according to researcher Philip Imbrogno in the book, Ultraterrestrial Contact. Implications that dimensional beings might be at work to either help or hinder humanity is the main focus of this book, which details firsthand accounts of alleged sightings and experiences spanning more than three decades. Imbrogno’s findings were thought to be too radical by the late famed UFO researcher Dr. J. Allen Hynek. But should ufologists consider ancient mythological creatures and inter-dimensional travelers as possible and legitimate culprits for reported sightings, psychic contacts and otherworldly visitations? Or in Hynek’s words, would this ‘high strangeness’ only further damage the reputation of UFO researchers? The author weighs reports that djinn, demons and other dimensional beings may be influencing select humans to either deliver a message of warning or to selfishly exploit humanity for their own gains. Firsthand accounts are presented in detail leaving the reader to consider if otherworldly beings or inter-dimensional travelers really do want humanity to steer clear of impending disasters. On the other hand, an equal amount of firsthand accounts indicate certain races described as reptiles, gnomes and even fairies are cruelly punishing those they choose to contact either through attempted abduction or terrorization via ‘spook’ lights. Read More via Examiner.com.

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