Are We Really Ready for Alien Contact?

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Man has been looking to the stars and asking the question, “Are we alone?” for as long as recorded history. From H. G. Well’s 1897 novel, The War of the Worlds, to the CW’s new show, Star Crossed, we have wondered if, and when, aliens might make contact. But perhaps we are asking the wrong question. Gabriel G. de la Torre from the University of Cadiz believes we should be asking, “Are we ready?” The SETI was made famous by Carl Sagan’s novel Contact and the Jodi Foster movie that followed. They are a real group of scientists that started as a small, NASA funded initiative in the 70s that has grown to an international collaboration of millions of Internet users working to process and analyze data from the Arecibo Observatory where most space tracking takes place. The SETI researchers are not content with just tracking celestial objects, however, and are proposing to send messages out into space. These messages would be the proverbial “galactic welcome wagon,” telling potential visitors exactly where to find Earth. Stephen Hawking, among other astrophysicists and scientists, has warned that this might be a bad idea for humanity, as we would have no idea of the technological advances of those who answered our call, or their intentions. De la Torre looked at it from another angle. He wanted to know if we here on Earth were prepared to meet another life form. His findings, published in Acta Astronautica, indicate that we are not. via Space News - redOrbit.

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