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Area-51 “Janet” airline in Las Vegas searching for flight attendant

A job posting for a flight attendant on a top-secret airline made its way around the internet this week. Military contractor AECOM posted an ad for a flight attendant. That person would work on the airline that's known to fly people from Las Vegas to Area 51 and other high-security locations. Janet Air is the nickname for this top-secret flight. The ad calls for a local person with experience and states “active top secret clearance is highly desired.” Glassdoor projects the salary is around $60,000 per year. “I think someone goofed when they did that cause you don't advertise like that, so someone's still getting chewed for that,” former CIA and Area 51 specialist TD Barnes laughed. Barnes was part of a select group of people that worked for the CIA at Area 51 during the Cold War. He says Janet Air wasn't around when he was there. "We flew in Queen Air. We had it stashed on a little building on the rear end of McCarran, right off of Sunset. We went in through a little gate right off of Sunset Road and we'd open the doors, push it out, that Queen Air, shuffle aboard and we'd take off, we were gone," Barnes said. McCarron spokesperson Christine Crews confirmed Janet air has a small private spot on the west side of McCarran that houses the red-striped planes.

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