Arizona Woman Wakes Up Speaking in Different Accents

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45-year-old Michelle Myers, from Phoenix, Arizona, suffers from Foreign Accent Syndrome, a very rare condition that causes her to speak in various foreign accents – British, Australian, Irish – despite having never traveled outside of the United States. Myers was diagnosed with the unusual condition in 2015, when, after going to bed with a pounding headache, she woke up unable to speak and with the left part of her body completely numb. She was taken to the nearby West Valley Hospital in Goodyear, where doctors said she was suffering from aphasia, loss of speech, symptoms associated with strokes or brain injuries. However, their diagnosis was turned on its head when the woman finally started speaking again. “I went to say, ‘My name is Michelle,’ and it came out like, “Rabbit, fox…,” Myers told Fox News. “No one could understand me. I was like, ‘Is something wrong with my brain?'” Eventually, her sentences started making sense again, but there was something strange about her accent. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Michelle Myers sounded like she was from the United Kingdom. Her deep British accent surprised doctors, so they called a psychiatrist to put her through a series of tests. She was diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, an extremely rare condition, with only 60 cases reported since 1907. The woman’s accent changed in May of 2015 and hasn’t gone away since, despite her seeing various specialists and neurologists. She claims the condition was really hard for her to deal with, especially in the beginning, when people took it as a joke and said things like “You sound like a Spice Girl”. But she’s learned to live with it and realizes she may sound like a British woman forever, so she’s now focusing on spreading awareness about her bizarre syndrome.

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