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An Arkansas family woke up to the horror that their animals were slaughtered

An Arkansas dad and his daughter were horrified to discover during a routine morning check on Dec. 29 that animals they had cared for more a decade were slaughtered overnight in their pen by an unknown perpetrator or perpetrators. It happened in Woodruff County, where the sheriff’s office of the same name is vowing to catch whoever did this and punish them to the full extent of the law. WMCActionNews5 was on scene and spoke with William Wiggins, while also grabbing images of some of the surviving creatures. The animals that were killed included eight goats, an alpaca and a calf, and they had injuries to their necks and legs, KTHV reported. Among the surviving ones were mini horses, donkeys, pigs, cows and goats. One of the goats was wounded and walked around the pen without putting any pressure on its back left leg. Wiggins asked people to imagine what losing a herd of their cats and dogs would feel like to get a sense of what he and his daughter are going through. “We loved on them, fed them bottles, took them in the house when they were sick. Everyone knows how much they love their dogs and cats, imagine losing a whole herd of them at one time,” he said. He said they cried when they found their animals dead that morning.

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