Art Bell fans remember this day in history, UFO Comes For Heaven's Gate Members!

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A Brief History On March 26, 1997, 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate awaited transport for their souls to a waiting UFO with $5.75 in each person’s pants pocket to pay for tolls! Digging Deeper Digging deeper, we find Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles heading up a religious cult founded by Applewhite after a “near death” experience in the 1970’s when he had a heart attack. Claiming to be descended directly from Jesus Christ, Applewhite also claimed that he and his nurse, Bonnie Nettles, were spoken of in the Book of Revelation part of the Bible that mentions “The Two.” These two became religious leaders eager to spread their word, combining Christian religion with UFO related beliefs, sometimes going by aliases and changing the name of their cult a few times, notably from Human Individual Metamorphosis to Heaven’s Gate. Applewhite taught his followers that they were just shells of the people that had previously occupied their physical bodies that had been taken over by aliens, or what he called “walk-ins.” In order to avoid the imminent end of the world all the walk-ins would have to kill their human host body and have their alien soul transported to a space ship hiding behind the Hale-Bopp comet that was passing brightly past earth in 1997. Of course, anyone deserving of eternal happiness in space needed to live a clean and austere life on earth, and all members renounced material things and sex, with some of the male members including Applewhite voluntarily undergoing castration to help achieve a pure life! On March 26, 1997, outside of San Diego in a mansion the group rented in Rancho Santa Fe, Applewhite and his followers, complete with extra-terrestrial toll money, downed pineapple and Phenobarbital and followed with vodka for good measure. If this incident is not cracked enough, they also put plastic bags on their heads to be sure to suffocate when they passed out! Knowing how important it is to look good when traveling, all group members were dressed in black shirts and sweat pants, and each member wore brand new Nike athletic shoes! Just in case anyone would wonder who they were, each member also sported an armband that had “Heaven’s Gate Away Team” on it! via Cracked History.

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