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Wed Apr 8 - SPECIAL Encore of ART BELL Hosting Jay Weidner / Stanton Friedman Debate

This is a SPECIAL re-broadcast of the late Art Bell, moderating a "Did We Land on The Moon?" debate, between Jay Weidner and the late Stanton Friedman. (From August 2015)

Stanton T. Friedman received his BSc. and MSc. Degrees in Physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist by GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas working in highly advanced, classified, eventually cancelled programs as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and various compact nuclear powerplants for space and terrestrial applications. Website: StantonFriedman.com Jay Weidner (pronounced Wide-ner) is a writer and filmmaker. Called by Wired Magazine as ‘an authority on the hermetic and alchemical traditions’, Weidner has authored two books and produced over 25 documentaries. He is currently producing programming for GaiamTV.com. He has just released his second feature film ‘The Last Avatar’ on Vimeo to glowing reviews. Website: JayWeidner.com Reference Link: midnightinthedesert.com/has-lizard-man-returned/

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