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Art Bell Tolls for John B. Wells!

Art Bell has taken to Facebook and BELLGAB to express what some may consider support for John B. Wells .. He wrote this on BELLGAB: As I have posted on Facebook and as I promised on this Forum, as soon as I am released from the Sirius/XM NC I will begin streaming my own show. The article so well written about JBW only confirms what I have felt for YEARS. I might have better luck asking Julie for a release of my NC.......I say this because while I was trying to talk to Sirius/XM two days after I left, I simply could not understand why they were not responding to my offer to return if they would only allow streaming until Sirius fixed their problems, when I finally did get a response it was to inform me that Coast would be taking my spot on channel 104. It is my feeling that "they" want me kept off the air, ho hum, I will fool them by staying healthy and kicking their ass as soon as I can get free. The article Bell is referring to is the same article that the HORROR REPORT wrote about earlier tonight. Wells has publicly said that he never met Art Bell, but expressed the sentiment that many long time Coast listeners have had about his program: Their appreciation of a show done right.. Thanks to the Horror Report.

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