How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Internet Forever

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We all know that in the very near future, artificial intelligence (AI) will change the face of nearly every industry. Already, it is a part of our everyday lives we often take for granted or even ignore. With new and faster computer chips all the time, like the new A11 Bionic chip in the newest iPhones, AI will soon be unavoidable. How will it change the internet? There are several key ways it is already impacting how we do things online, and those will soon expand to a multitude of applications. Big Data and Big Business You may think that your Google Home or Alexa device is amazing, and looked at entirely on its own, it is. However, the technology is paltry when compared to what is going on inside a Google data center or Amazon Web Services. The reason is simply that Big Data, all that information you share through your phone apps and all of the other data businesses gather about customers and marketing trends is worth quite literally billions of dollars. As the internet gets smarter, you get better search results when you type anything into a search bar, but the company who provides that service gets a great deal of information about you in return. While privacy is a concern, as long as this data is anonymized (a requirement in many cases) it is a good thing for consumers in the long run. The internet is made into a better place. At the same time Google and other search engines are looking at the content businesses are creating, and only serving up high quality, expert material. As machine learning advances, this will only get better. After all, Google not only wants to sell ads, but the company wants to give you the best experience possible on the web.

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