Artificial intelligence tells nightmare-inducing tales of terror

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I remember his face in a look of horror, and it was agony and malice. I was trapped. I was trapped in this hospital bed. This isn’t the start of the latest Stephen King novel, it’s in fact the start of a horror story told by artificial intelligence. Shelley AI is currently working on a different short scary tale once an hour leading up to Halloween. It’s powered by deep learning algorithms that have been trained on stories collected from the subreddit /r/nosleep where people share their own original eerie works. The AI was created by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. The AI works best when given a bit of inspiration so anyone can join in the story writing process to make it a joint effort. Collaborators simply add their own blood-curdling sentences to the compositions so far on Twitter and Shelley then continues from where they finish.

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