Artillery Ridge Campground

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This was taken on September 2, 2007 at Artillery Ridge Campground in Gettysburg. This is the ONLY public campground that is actually on the battlefield and was used by the Union Army to store their artillery during the battle.

My son was about 4 years old at the time and my wife was pregnant with our first daughter. I was playing with our digital camera and taking photos at night. I took many photos and was quite the shutter bug. I’m also a bit skeptical about ghost photos to begin with - not ghosts, but photos of “paranormal” in general. I was getting lots of photos with orbs. It would seem that when I took a photo of my wife or son, there was always an orb in the shot. I mentioned this to my wife and showed her some of the photos on the camera’s screen. She scoffed at them and asked “what do they want?” I then said something to the affect of “If there are really ghosts then why don’t they all just show up for us?” That is when I snapped the photo of her sitting in the camp chair and the air was filled with orbs in the shot. There were a few other photos like this of our son surrounded by orbs, but that one photo was filled with the most orbs I had seen that night - and came right after I had made the smart remark.

I don’t believe we have been back to that campground since. We still visit the area since we live about 45 minutes away near Hershey, but family camping with ghosts is out of the question.

I’m getting the chills just writing this. The skeptic in me wants to say it was nothing, but the repeated evidence says it was “something."

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