Astrophysicists: "The Big Bang is not the beginning of the universe and we known it for 40 years"

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To think that the universe and everything in it were born at the time of the Big Bang is “one of the biggest misconceptions in science” according to an astrophysicist and scientific author. This is an “attractive and beautiful” image that explains much of what we see, but, “unfortunately”, it is also “incorrect”, and scientists “have known for almost 40 years,” argues in an article for Forbes astrophysicist and scientific writer Ethan Siegel, who calls it “one of the greatest misconceptions of the universe”. According to Siegel, the original idea suggests that the universe emerged from a hot, dense state, and is now expanding and cooling. If we “continue to extrapolate” into the past, the universe would become “warmer, denser, and more compact” until a time when “density and temperature rise to infinite values, where all matter and energy in the universe are concentrated in a single point: a singularity. It is understood that this singularity—where the laws of physics “break”—is also “the end point,” which represents the origin of space and time, argues the author of the article. Nevertheless, he continues, there are some puzzles and paradoxes that the Big Bang theory cannot explain. “The Universe does not have different temperatures in different directions, even though an area billions of light-years away in one area never had time (since the Big Bang) to interact with or exchange information with a region billions of light-years in the opposite direction.”

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