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Attacked by Unknown Light From Sky

Kirkwood, PA (Lancaster Co, PA) - 2016-06-05: I was walking my dog in the front yard. I was hit with a light. It felt like it went down in me, then back up..it felt like it lifted my upper body up just a little bit. I felt expanded. I felt like I was energy and light. When I looked at everything, it was covered in shimmering light. The grass, the leaves, my arms. When I looked around, my movement felt like it was flowing. It stopped after about 10 secs. Then for about 20 mins after, I would get a small glimpse of that feeling, and I would get goosebumps up and down my arms, and a warm feeling across my chest. kirkwood1 The next morning I noticed a rash starting on my chest and arms. It spread very fast. Across my chest, down my shoulders, arms and tops of my hands. Everywhere that was exposed the day before. I saw a dermatologist. They do not know what it is. They tested for cancer...negative. They gave me a steroid...didn't work at all.nothing will help it. I still have the rash..it wont go away. Its itchy, bright red, and is kind of shaped like leopard spots. If I'm in the sun too long...it puffs up a little. Then it goes flat again, but hasn't gone away or gotten any lighter. I have also been hearing things in just my left ear since then. I hear humming, ringing, text tone sounds, and a few times I have heard people talking...some in different languages, being changed every couple secs, like channels on a radio station. - MUFON CMS Read More: Phantoms and Monsters

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