Beam Me Up: East Aurora Just Got Weirder With UFO Signs!

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Since the start of summer, citizens of the sleepy burg of East Aurora have been noticing something strange happening in their neighborhood. With summer halfway through, even their local media outlets like WIVB are sitting up and taking notice of the activity. So far no one has been caught red handed, but Mayor Allan Kasprzak might have a clue.
“I believe it might be the East Aurora Food Cooperative that’s trying to get off the ground. That’s my hunch, but I’m not positive”
Meanwhile, Sheila Convoy of the East Aurora Cooperative Market Project vehemently denies any involvement in these shenanigans. While these accusations are surreal, the stuff of a Thornton Wilder novel, there’s something far stranger. According to MUFON there’s only been two reported UFO sightings in the past decade. Read about them via Who Forted? Magazine.

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