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Thinking of joining the Midnight In The Desert team? Smart move. Art Bell's Midnight In The Desert with Tim Ozman is making fantastic numbers. And, according to our already on-board affiliates, MITD is capturing and maintaining a loyal audience of dedicated, engaged listeners. We all know that live radio is the best draw for the listener. Even better, a live nightly talk show that explores the latest paranormal investigations, interviews cutting edge researchers and bravely challenges all the latest controversies in our culture…well….that is virtually unbeatable. You won't be disappointed with this one.


To be considered for becoming an affiliate of Midnight In The Desert, as broadcasted by the Dark Matter Digital Network, you must agree to the following terms: 1. You must carry the entire 3 hour show. From the top through 2 hours and 58 minutes. Keep in mind we are up to 30-seconds delayed from real-time on the Internet stream, as our servers and your player will have built-in buffers and we also add an additional 15-second delay for language editing purposes. (When we go back to the XDS feed, it will not have the delay.) 2. No replay or archiving of our shows is allowed. We need to protect our membership subscription model. 3. Currently we break for commercials at :26 and :56 each hour, you must carry our first 2 minutes and then you are allowed (but not required) to cover our feed the remaining two 2-minute breaks at :28 and :58. So it’s 4 minutes of your local ads over ours each hour. Of course at 2:58 mark the show is over. Again adjust for streaming server buffer delays. There will be adequate bumper music out of the break for you play a station ID. The entire three hour block is covered with content (no dead air during the breaks), which makes it simple to drop it right in and work out the local traffic breaks later. You'll receive our official clock with the affiliate agreement. Shortly in the future, our broadcast clock will change to incorporate a top of the hour news feed, bringing the local break to 6 minutes in order to more easily comply with existing affiliate clocks. 4. Otherwise you must carry all other network breaks, if any, which will be floating anyway. So for automation purposes, you can insert your ads at those two fixed times/hard breaks. Your commercials should be appropriate for our programming. 5. Soon, you can receive our programming via the XDS satellite receiver (search for Midnight in the Desert on your receiver) but for now you can receive us directly from our hi-quality AAC streaming server (not MP3).
You should use a dedicated computer (with nothing else running including background tasks like Windows update) using an appropriate player that receives AAC or a hardware device like the CC-Wifi radio, hardwired into your network. Do not use Wifi (but you knew that). When applying for affiliate status, please acknowledge that you agree to these terms, include your geographical market area, your operating frequency and call letters of course and send this to . Once reviewed, we'll give you approval status and send you an affiliate agreement to sign and return. We may revoke your affiliate status at any time, should you fail to meet these requirements. You’ll be listed on our affiliates page with your city and state. Thank you for your inquiry. P.S. We will not be allowing Internet Only stations to carry our program as this would affect our music licensing and also influence our listener numbers reporting.

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