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How to Become a Real-Life Ghost Hunter

The saying “knowledge is power” couldn’t ring more true when you’re confronting ghosts, poltergeists, or, on rare occasions, demons. Make sure you educate yourself because pretending you're Bill Murray from Ghostbusters is useless and foolish on the scene of an actual haunt. The Rhine Education Center, a parapsychology school and research institute that studies paranormal and psychic phenomena, is the perfect place for aspiring paranormal investigators to learn about the field and investigative techniques before they go to their first haunt. An eight-week course typically costs about $200 to $250. “To prepare, you need to learn about the physical world and how it works,” says John Kruth, executive director of the Rhine Research Center. “If people are under high-powered electrical lines, that can cause electronic problems in the house, effect a person’s physical behavior, or cause them to see waves in the air that aren’t there.” He suggests learning the basics of human biology, physics, and engineering to help expand your knowledge behind the plausible explanations for the strange and peculiar physical phenomena you may encounter. This is the real reason why ghosts say boo! Start packing your investigation tool kit Despite living in a technologically savvy world, ghost detectors have yet to be invented. But there are a few gadgets you can use for documenting activity and recording data. An electromagnetic field (EMF) meter is handy for measuring electromagnetic field fluctuations in an environment. Theories in the paranormal field suggest that ghosts may be able to manipulate these fields causing unexplained increases on EMF meters. Then again, faulty electrical wiring or cell phone signal interference may also manipulate your readings. “You need to know that environment may cause your devices to be useless,” says Loyd Auerbach, a parapsychology teacher at Rhine Education Center and paranormal investigator in California. This is why it’s important to explore and eliminate any external influences in the environment that may give you false readings. He recommends purchasing an EMF meter like the K2 Meter off of Amazon for $60. You’ll also need a video camera for recording interviews and activity in a location, preferably one with night vision for filming in the dark. Digital audio recorders are also useful for capturing electronic voice phenomena (EVP), audio recordings of voices that were not heard at the time they were recorded. Though it’s important to note that paranormal experts disagree on the legitimacy of EVP. Some skeptics claim that the sounds may be nothing more than radio transmissions or the brain’s tendency to create patterns from random sounds. While other investigators have claimed to capture recordings of strange growls or human sounding voices. Your smartphone is a good starting point for video and audio recording, but just remember that your phone has its limits. For the long-term, it’s best to invest in quality tech gadgets for investigations.

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