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Behold the Flying Bathtub Drone?

Although flying cars remain elusive, aviation technology has come a long way since Orville and Wilbur Wright built the world’s first successful airplane over a century ago. But even the Wright brothers can’t claim to be the first men to make a bathtub fly. That questionable honor belongs to the crew behind the YouTube channel, The Real Life Guys, who created a working drone from a bathtub. It’s an absolutely ridiculous idea, but making bathtubs into vehicles is a recurring theme for the team. The following video exaggerates the reach of the bathtub drone by giving it a pilot who uses it to drop by his favorite bakery for a quick snack. We first came across this video at Laughing Squid, and it’s an absolute delight. When it’s flying in the air, it almost looks like it escaped from a ’70s Disney movie or possibly an animated film by Studio Ghibli. But it is oddly beautiful, in its own weird way. As much as we want to believe a tub can fly, and that there’s a battery capable of sustaining a pilot’s flight for that duration and distance, we’re sad to say this video isn’t meant to be taken seriously. The German language disclaimer at the end of the video states it’s a comedic sketch and implies the pilot seen in some of the video’s shots may have been a dummy used to sell the effect. While the flying bathtub drone itself appears to be real, it’s just not as powerful as the first video made it out to be. Read More: Nerdist

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