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Mon Apr 29 (Hour 2) - Bernard Alvarez - Returning to Source Wisdom

What if you came in contact with beings that represented your higher conscious self? What if you took their advice and it changed your life and millions of lives around you? That is exactly what happened to Bernard Alvarez after his encounter with the Emissaries of Light. www.bernardalvarez.com Bernard is a world-renowned spiritual consciousness teacher and intuitive, specializing in witchcraft and shamanism. He also an ordained Minister, a Doctor of Metaphysics, Pagan High Priest, author of the Book of One, and was featured in the film, Collective Evolution 3: The Shift. Bernard has almost 300 thousand followers on Facebook and as a YouTube personality with more than 30 million video views in more than 140 countries around the world and using his media platform to spread a message of love, empowerment and the occasional joke, he is one of the leading online voices for the consciousness and sacred activist community and is currently the host of The justBernard Show.

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