Beyond Trump—America’s Obsession With Presidential Hair

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“We’ve got better vision, better ideas … and we’ve got better hair.” So said former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004 while campaigning with running mate John Edwards. Three years later, Edwards’s hair made news again when it came out that the presidential hopeful had paid between $300 and $1,250 for some of his haircuts. Now, Donald Trump’s hair is a popular meme and the source of bizarre rumors. The national conversation about candidates’ coiffure goes back even further. Americans have been interested in political hair ever since George Washington came on the scene in 1789. Recently, collectors paid $6,000 for a sample of Thomas Jefferson’s mane and $25,000 for a lock of Abraham Lincoln’s. This July, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia will display hair from Washington, Jefferson, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Jackson just as politicians flood the city for the Democratic National Convention. Read More: National Geographic

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