Bigfoot and UFOs, Part 1 - Meso Cryptozoology

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In many talk shows and presentations, a few questions keep popping up concerning Bigfoot’s association with UFOs, and the capability of cloaking, or being a creature capable of trans-dimensional travel. These questions also including mind blasting. This is where Sasquatch can make a human subject disoriented, woozy, or even cause headaches by some means of mental telepathy. These are sensitive topics because there are UFO enthusiasts that are not happy when someone tries to tie the two fields of study together, and there are Bigfoot enthusiasts are that feel the same way. There is even a split camp among the Bigfoot world which can end up in some very heated arguments as to whether or not Bigfoot is a physical being or of a spiritual nature and can fade in or out of this world at will. Part One on Part Two on

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