Bigfoot Head, Frozen since 1953 only Proof in Existence of Sasquatch

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ABOVE: Bigfoot Head, Frozen since 1953. My father, Mike Caine shot the Sasquatch with his friend Morty Lucas while on a hunting trip. Its remained in my family and kept frozen. Only proof in existence of Sasquatch WARNING: Some Bad Language, Beware of Kids in the Room. From Peter Caine. BELOW: Bigfoot's feet, Both Frozen since 1953, Right and Left Detail of Sasquatch Shot in 1953 by My Dad and Morty Lucas BELOW: Frozen Bigfoot Head DNA, Weight, Dimensions, Up Coming Surprise for Humanity. So far people have said its a buffalo, I see a "metal pipe", a "plastic pipe", "Ham bone"..the list continues of things you people think you see. Its a Bigfoot head, deal with it. I will show the juvenile Bigfoot that was shot on the same day Sept. 23, 1953

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