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Wed June 13 - Dr Bill Gray - Homeopathy and the Future of Medicine

An innovated homeopathic remedy technique used for bringing rapid relief for acute ailments via cellphone, which has resulted in accusations by the California Medical Board that could lead of revocation of his license to practice all homeopathic (orthodox) medicine. BIO: Dr. Bill Gray is a Stanford-trained MD who has practiced homeopathy for 47 yrs. Several studies came out during his training showing that more medical man-hours are spent treating side effects of treatments than treating diseases. So he sought alternatives and came across homeopathy, which cures both acute and chronic disease without side effects, and which defines laws of cure as a measure of progress. After writing a book delineating the modern research validating homeopathy and its mode of action being based on unique energies matched to the individual patient, he realized cellphones could enable individualization of choice of remedy via Q&A and then deliver the appropriate eRemedy as an MP3 file. This was developed and patented in 2015, at great expense, and has been used worldwide, bringing rapid relief directly by digital device. www.mdinyourhand.com/technology/ billgrayhomeopathy.com

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