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Bizarre and Frightening Accounts of Bigfoot Attacks

One of the most well-known and widely discussed cryptids of all time are the mysterious hairy, ape-like giants of North America, which are variously called the Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Grassman, and other regional names. Seen all over the continent, they may differ in appearance or behavior, but one thing that is usually consistent is that for all of their size and strength they seem to be mostly peaceful and benevolent denizens of the forest, much more likely to run away or hide than to confront. Yet there have been many accounts from at least the 19th century all the way up to the present of a different side to these creatures, that of a fierce, ferocious beast fully willing and able to attack or even kill if it has to. Although not as common as reports of more benign or gentle Bigfoot, the accounts or violent or aggressive Bigfoot attacks are rather scary and shocking, and show that there is perhaps more to these enigmatic creatures than meets the eye. Perhaps the most widely known and publicized case of an attack on humans from an alleged Bigfoot occurred in the summer of 1924, when five prospectors by the names of Marion Smith, his son Roy Smith, Fred Beck, Gabe Lefever, and John Peterson were out in the wilds of Mt. St. Helens, in Skamania County, Washington. The group was out in the remote wilderness working on a claim in an area of a branch of the Lewis River, about eight miles from Spirit Lake, when they came across their first of many oddities to come. There embedded into the earth was a series of footprints reported as looking very human-like but much more massive, at around 14 inches in length, and with unusually stubby toes. Not long after this, the men began to see some strange creature through the trees during their trek, with a hulking, 7-foot-tall gorilla-like figure seen on at least four occasions, which was described as being covered in long, black hair and sporting two 4-inch long ears that stuck straight up, which is an odd detail to say the least. At one point one of the spooked prospectors, Marion Smith, fired at it to send it lumbering off, but far from cowering it this seemed to only make the creature even bolder. On the morning of July 10, Beck purportedly sighted the creature standing some distance away near the edge of a canyon and decided to try and take a shot at it. He apparently managed to score a direct hit, and the bizarre figure apparently staggered and fell right over the ledge of the canyon, plummeting 400 feet down presumably to its death. It was perhaps this incident that would be the catalyst for what came next.

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