Bloodhound supersonic car fires up rocket engine, going for 1000 MPH?

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The Bloodhound supersonic car has been fired up for the first time - and worked a treat. Engineers turned over the vehicle's Eurofighter jet engine in a "tie-down" test at Cornwall's Newquay airfield on Friday. It worked flawlessly, sending a big orange flame out of the rear nozzle. The intention is for the car to begin some "slow-speed" running - about 200mph (320km/h) - at the end of next month. The team had been concerned that the Rolls-Royce EJ200 power unit might have some operational difficulties being in a car as opposed to sitting in a fighter aircraft. But when driver Andy Green flicked the switches in his cockpit, the engine lit up and performed exactly to its specification. It was proof also that all the car's electronic systems, its computers, and software were working as designed. "It's blown us away, frankly," Wing Commander Green told BBC News. "It's given us huge confidence going forward. We now know the engine has no limits just because it's in a car. It is an EJ200 with the full performance envelope available to us, under all conditions, from stationary onwards."

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